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Steel Belts

Maxeng supply’s, installs and services solid steel belts for the food, chemical and mining industries. We stock a vast range of replacement steel belts and Vee-rope tracking strip at our warehouse and headquaters located in Sydney, Australia. Our range includes Stainless Steel belts, Titanium belts, Carbon Steel Belts and High Tensile Steel Belts   


Our Stainless Steel Range:


  • AISI 301 Standard Austenitic Stainless Steel Belt for use in food and non-reactive chemical applications such as sulfur and hot melt adhesive cooling. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,200 N/mm²
  • Low Carbon, Martensitic Satinless Steel belts for use in chemical and food coolers that require a high degreee of thermal conductivity. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,050 N/mm²
  • AISI 316 Stainless Steel Belts for coolers that require a higher corrosion resistance. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,000 N/mm²
  • High Alloy Duplex Stainless Steel Belts for applications where an extremely high level of corrsion resistance is required. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,000 N/mm²
  • 253MA Austenitic Stainless Steel Belts for applications where elevated temperatures are present - up to 1,150°C. Approx Tensile Strength: 750 N/mm²
  • Precipitation Hardened Stainless, Low Carbon Martensitic Stainless Steel Belts for extra high strength applications such as laminating and wood presses. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,650 N/mm²
  • Titanium Belts for applications where stainless steel is too reactive.

Carbon Steel Range:

  • Carbon Steel Belt, Hardened and Tempered suitable for Bake Oven Bands in the baking industry and chocolate conveying belts. Also used for other dryer/oven work for non corrosive, dry applications. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,300 N/mm²
  • Microstructure Carbon Steel Belts: Chocolate conveying belts, these belts do not require heat treatment after welding. Approx Tensile Strength: 1,300 N/mm²

Maxeng is able to service an international client base and the company currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, the USA and Europe.